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Welcome to the BoK Personal Training testimonials…more are coming in.


"Nicole is an amazing trainer. She is dedicated, motivating and very inspirational to all of her clients. She caters for the needs of each individual and goes out of her way to ensure that they are comfortable and working hard to achieve their goals. Her knowledge of the fitness industry, the way the body works and her kind-hearted nature is inspirational. Without Nicole training me and guiding me I wouldn’t have had half the confidence I had for my first INBA Bikini competition. She is a credit to the fitness industry. Thank you Nicole!”

– Tamzin Hare, VIC, Australia


“Nicole is AMAZING! From the first time we chatted and first met she gave me hope and motivation to help me achieve my goal!! I have always wanted to compete and she helped me realize that I can do it! I spoke with Nicole and she said YES lets do this! So from there I trained with Nicole over 3 months last year in order to prepare for the INBA comp in Sept 2013. It was hard and she was there every step of the way!! As a PT myself I learnt so much from her. The dedication she gave to her clients and me really shows how important her clients goals are to her. I have also made a good friend out of this and I know I will be going back to her to get ready for my next comp! If you want results I highly recommend Nicole."

Eva Chadraoui, VIC, Australia 



"I started training with Nicole Comley mid way through 2013 during which time I was studying to become a Personal Trainer myself. I wanted a Personal Trainer of my own for several reasons – to learn from someone with years of experience, to keep up my skills in the gym and to achieve new levels of personal physical strength and fitness.

Working with Nicole, all my expectations have been well and truly exceeded! Nicole is an amazing trainer with a great deal of experience, depth of knowledge, and genuine care for the outcomes of her clients. I have learned so much from Nicole about creative program writing, nutrition and supplementation, and training with injuries.

I have never achieved such amazing results with my own body as I have with Nicole and I have never felt fitter, stronger or enjoyed so much energy! Not only am I breaking personal bests all the time with our training, but I also feel safe that Nicole has the experience and care to ensure I train around injuries and rehabilitate effectively.

As a new Personal Trainer in the industry, I am blessed to be able to leverage Nicole’s years of experience with my own clients – this is the stuff you just can’t learn in school!

I highly recommend Nicole as strength and conditioning coach, mentor, nutrition advisor, and importantly, an impressive role model who walks the talk!"

– Rebecca O’Brien, NSW, Australia


"I started training with Nicole when i was cycling in long events- i wanted better leg strength and some conditioning. Nic worked with me to get the best outcomes possible. She continued to work with me, modifying my program to take into account various injuries i received, even working in consultation with my Osteo after a disc injury.

Committed, Friendly, Dedicated,Experienced and Consultative are all words that describe Nicole and her work ethic.
I had worked with a number of trainers before Nicole, and after 5 years, balancing her training, competition, study and work as a Personal Trainer, still think she is one of the best people in the fitness industry.

Nicole defines "what is a  Personal Trainer!"

– Roger Mannett, VIC, Australia

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