DanceXtreme® – Testimonials

“The world is a small place today. What people do and think is no longer relevant within the limits of your confine.

Now, it is important to think beyond the boundaries of your land, and reach out to everyone in a single global embrace.” – Nicco Kuc ’14

TESTIMONIALS from all over the globe.

Australian-Flag “I remember being so nervous going to my first ever class at Goodlife Wantirna, it was sickening! The first five minutes i remember thinking, I cannot do this, I’m not a dancer, I feel so awkward, my timing is terrible, however after the first full class I was completely hooked. Four years later, I still make every class I possibly can!! As much as I love the passion, intensity, loud music and great choreography that Dancextreme brings, it’s the variety of dance style that keeps me hooked four years later and I can now call myself a dancer! Dancextreme is my outlet, I have a stressful job and I go to a class where I dance and sweat and I’m addicted to the rush of endorphins I have after every class! I would recommend everyone to try Dancextreme… the feeling is indescribable”

– Amber Gibson, VIC, Australia


Australian-Flag “DanceXtreme with Nicco Kuc is an addiction that I can not and will not give up.I look forward to every Tuesday at Wantirna starting on Wednesday mornings.Since I started your classes almost four years ago your enthusiasm, passion and energy just rubs off of you and over to us every time. I wish that it was still four times a week instead of one.Your ability to make us (or should I say me) move the way you want us to is unbelievable. I love dance but always very reserved about the way I move but dancing in your class I’ve learnt to not care what everyone else thinks and it gives me so much joy and determination to get it right, or close enough to it!I dance like no one is watching even though I know you watch like a hawk to make sure we all get it right! It’s a great fitness program full of crazy moves, crazy music, crazy challenges and crazy moments but I wouldn’t like it any other way.I love my one hour of the craziest fitness workout every time. Thank you Nicco”– Denise Constanti, VIC, Australia 


Australian-Flag “I just wanted to say I love going to the dance extreme classes because not only is it fun, it’s great fitness and a fun way to exercise. Its also a positive environment that pushes you toget out of your comfort zone and set yourself free”

– Brooke Lee Jansen, VIC, Australia


 Australian-Flag “DanceXtreme is without a doubt the most unique and exciting dance fitness program I’ve found.   The program combines the most insane workout with pure and challenging dance technique across a range of genres to an awesome selection of music.  The teaching method allows all levels to pick up and build on quite complicated sequences of moves.  You not only get fit but you actually learn to dance!!!  I love how the program has evolved over the years and that the routines are always changing with new releases so you know you’ll always be learning something fresh and challenging.
Nicco’s passion, enthusiasm and crazy energy hasn’t waned since I started his classes over 6 years ago – he is a real inspiration!!! ”

– Amy Rintoul, Melbourne, Australia


 Australian-Flag “Standing in the studio after my favourite weekly class had finished, I thought to myself I don’t want to wait another week until I can do it again. I couldn’t get enough, i needed more. It had become a passion to me. This class had become a highlight of my week, and I never wanted it to end. At that moment I knew I wanted and needed to be part of something special and make magic like this instructor did with this class. What appealed to me most about the class was the way that it challenged me, but in a fun and exciting way. I was inspired by this program to better myself as a dancer, teacher and as a role model. I wanted to deliver the same unbelievably awesome experiences to others that I was lucky enough to have experienced myself. And so i took the steps to become a DanceXtreme instructor. Not only does DX increase your dancing, fitness and coordination abilities, but it takes you into another world for 1 whole hour where nothing else matters other than the uplifting music, the fun and challenging dance routines, and the company of all the other happy DXers around you that are experiencing the exact same sensations. DanceXtreme has changed my life and is changing many others, one class at a time.”

– Tracey Hodson, Melbourne, Australia


 Australian-Flag “I started attending Nicco’s classes in June 2010 – his class was exactly what I had been looking for – full of energy, lots of fun and most importantly, a fantastic workout.  I have been a faithful follower since then, traveling over half an hour just to attend class.  It is the only exercise that I have ever participated in that does not feel like a workout.  I have never once thought to myself, ‘I can’t be bothered going to class tonight’, which used to happen when I attended other group fitness classes.  In fact, I get very disappointed if I cannot attend, which thankfully, hasn’t been too often.  I can also say that attending LRF twice a week has been a major contributor to me being able to shed almost 20kg in just 6 months.  I can honestly say that if my schedule would allow me to attend more often, I most definitely would.  I have, and will continue to recommend LRF classes to everyone.  Thanks to you Nicco, I have found myself again.  xxx”– Jo Eades, VIC, AUSTRALIA
 Flag_of_Greece_svg  “Dear Nicco, i did my first class and everybody loved it!!!! it was amazing really!!!! tomorrow i have my second class the next time you come to Greece again u have to come here too..not only athens :(“- Vicky Efstathiou, GREECE
Flag_of_Greece_svg ” it was amazing..i love DanceXtreme. and i want more and more…great combination of moves, dynamic, ittttttt….”- Olga, GREECE
 japan-flag “Since joining the DX, my stamina increased, core muscle been toned and my GP was impressed by my strong heartbeat. Although having no dance background, thanks to exciting DX dance routines and moves my waist has slimmed down while having a positive feeling and great fun!”- Naoko Nishikawa, Kyoto JAPAN
 Australian-Flag “Dancefitness classes are really great and help you get fit in a fun way. However DanceXtreme is the only class I know of where you have to bring together not only your coordination, fitness, strength and endurance, but also your MIND, in order to nail a routine completely and give 100%. It’s not easy, it’s not meant to be easy, it doesn’t even pretend to be easy! It IS Xtreme!”- Michael Blackford, Melbourne, Australia
 Australian-Flag  “Still buzzing from last nights DanceXtreme class!!! So good to be dancing again, no longer denying myself of who I was made to be!! Can’t wait for the next class”- Chelly Jones, VIC, AUSTRALIA
 Poland Flag “Thanks for two great dancextreme lessons at EU4YA! I had a great time. Greetings!”- Joanna Kusa, POLAND