Introducing our USA Connection : Vicky Efstathiou

LRF is proud to introduce Vicky Efstathiou as our representative in the USA, Los Angeles.


Vicky Efstathiou was born in USA, but she grew up in Greece, where she began taking classical and modern dancing lessons at the age of 5. She is an established Aerobic and Fitness instructor since 2000, after attending GR.A.F.T.S (Greek Aerobic and Fitness Training School) for 2 years and many seminars after that. Also she obtained her professional degree in Latin and Ballroom dances and has taken part in many contests, earning several awards. For more than 14 years she worked in fitness centers and dance schools all over Greece. She is a Zumba instructor since 2010 and Piloxing and Dancextreme instructor since 2013. At 2012 and for almost 4 years she was the owner of Z Dance, one of the largest dance schools in Greece. Recently she relocated back to USA and specifically Los Angeles, where she has taken on a new challenge…bringing DanceXtreme to the USA.

LRF welcomes Vicky, we are excited to have someone with so much energy and talent. We can’t wait to see he shake up the fitness world in the U.S.A. Keep an eye on Vicky…

Boredom vs Anxiety

The flow channel is not an LRF invention at all, but it can also be applied to Group Exercise. It is commonly used to define a psychological state based on two competing parameters, i.e. ‘skills‘ and ‘challenge‘. However, in LRF (DanceXtreme and KombatXtreme) courses we define it as the Positive Affirmation (PA) coefficient. This is illustrated in the model below.



  • +ve (PA): When one’s skills are just enough to overcome challenges of the same level.
  • -ve (PA): When one’s skill is high but the challenge presented is low. RESULT: BORED
  • -ve (PA): When one is presented with a challenge that uses all the skills they posses, and they still cannot overcome it. RESULT: ANXIOUS

At LRF courses we teach the techniques used by instructors to gauge the participants skills and apply just enough challenge to ensure +ve PA coefficient, i.e. within the Flow Channel (as per the diagram above). Unlike most other courses, at LRF we invest time and effort to discuss the PA cycles that apply for the whole class (macro) and during the individual tracks/songs (micro). This is particularly supported by the music we use, which is fundamentally based on HiLo freestyle, where the music Highs and Lows are used during our progression and absorption stages.

Progression, as the word suggest defines the stage of learning (i.e. layering), while, absorption is when the moves/choreography are being repeated for memorisation and skill development purposes. Combining Progression, Absorption, Layering Techniques, Music, Structure and Coaching Techniques are the ingredients used by LRF instructors to “nail” the Flow Channel and ensure +ve PA each and every time.

LRF is now the IDEA International Representative

LRF is proud to announce our affiliation with IDEA Fitness Convention. We are now the official International Representatives for the annual international fitness convention.

IDEAWorld_intlbadge_finalAs such we wish to announce that LRF students and members shall receive a significant discount on their 2016 IDEA World Fitness Convention. To register please send your enquire here (subject heading: “IDEA2016_with_LRF” and we will respond with your coupon.

What will you learn at the convention?

…so so so much! Here is a very small snippet. For further information, let us email you the BROCHURE. Remember to enquire here.

Succeed With Small- Group Training

Small-group training is here to stay. Learn how to build, lead and grow a safe, successful and lucrative program.

• How to Maximize Revenue From Small- Group Training

• Cuing, Coaching and Communicating With Small Groups

• Ramp Up Your Group Training Business With the Functional Movement ScreenTM (FMS)

• GAME-i cation of Small-Group Training Programs

Enhance success with Nutrition Education

Acquaint yourself with new science and methods for integrating nutrition education into your training sessions and classes.

• Get the Most Out of Your 60 Minutes—Nutrition Strategies for Before, During and After Exercise

• Toward Progressive Client Care—Where Fitness, Nutrition and Medicine Intersect

• Protein Overload: Are You Eating More Than You Need?

• The Art of Nutrition and Health Coaching: How to Change Lives and Your Business

• The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail

Target New Markets

There is no one-size- ts-all client. These sessions will give you a broader foundation of expertise that will help you serve more people.

• Functional Power Training for Older Clients

• 10 Simple Youth Fitness Assessment Solutions

• Solutions for Training Postpregnancy Clients

• Help Your Overweight Clients—Be a Part of the Solution!

Maximize Revenue and Profits

Learn how to employ attention-getting marketing strategies, perform online training, implement new programs to drive membership and build community, and much more.

• Build a Stronger Business and Life in 12 Months— Work Smarter, Not Harder!

• Package and Sell Your Fitness Expertise Online • Strategize Your Social Media With Six Steps to Success

• Your Guide to Opening a Pro table Facility

• Fit Biz 101: Flex Your Marketing Muscle to Grow, Retain and Succeed

IDEAWorld16_IntlFlyer-01.pdf copy

New Lifestyle Partner – NoviPlus

LRF welcomes a new Partner in UAE – NoviPlus.
Looking for a smart way to stay heathy for less in the UAE? Then look no further than Noviplus; a lifestyle membership which allows users to access instant, exclusive and ongoing savings at over 150 health, fitness and wellness places around town. From healthy cafes and fitness studios to healthfood stores and activewear, there is something for everyone to stay healthy for less all year round. The best part, LRF instructors can enjoy AED50 off the annual Noviplus membership fee, paying only AED275 instead of AED325. Simply visit and use promo code lrfinstructor when signing up to avail your exclusive member rate. #StayHealthyForLessWithNoviplus.



We are proud to announce the reopening of our music store. Today we have finalised our negotiations with our providers and are proud to advise that we have achieved a deal that will benefit all our LRF instructors with a quick, click, download capability at a discount price. MUSIC STORE.

Music Store







Nicole wins two medals at the World Championships INBA – Dubai

On the 13th June in Dubai, the World INBA Bodybuilding championships was held at the Dubai Sports City – Dome arena.

Our very own LRF Master Trainer, Nicole (Comley) Kuc, has added two more medals to her collection. She competed in the Fitness Model and Sports Model category – WELL DONE and congratulations Nicole.

We are very proud of her success and we salute her tenacity.

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DSC_0802-NicoleBikini-Croped DSC_1190-Cropped

If you would like to train with Nicole, purchase one of our online PT packages here.

GREECE: LRF KombatXtreme and DanceXtreme @ Dance Festival

In Greece, on the 3-5th July, LRF will partake in the Bollywood and Multicultural Dance Festival. At this festival, Martin, Stelios and Nicco will join together to celebrate dance and fitness on stage.

This is a significant event for Greece’s fitness/dance and LRF are delighted to partake in this celebration.

Stay tuned for photos, video and blogs from this event.


FitNShape Convention in Israel with Riki and Liad – DanceXtreme

Untitled Document

Riki and Liad, our DanceXtreme Master Trainers, are rocking Israel at the awesome FitNShape convention.

They rocked the stage in front of a large audience showcasing DanceXtreme in style and colour. Their energy and charisma made a huge impact on the audience. We are proud to see Israel coming together in music and dance to celebrate fitness and well being with DanceXtreme.


Don’t forget to enrol in the next DanceXtreme course in Israel.

DanceXtreme in Portugal with the amazing Stelios

Untitled Document

Portugal has experienced a taste of DanceXtreme® at the 2015 Portugal – Promofitness convention.

Our very own Stelios Kon rocked the convention with both StepXtreme and DanceXtreme. He was amazing and the crowd was delighted to have a taste of the latest dance fitness program that is growing with astronomical speed.

Everyone at LRF salute you Stelios for your amazing energy and extraordinary talent.

For more information about the convention, go to: and



In Portuguese:

A Promofitness é uma empresa de serviços na área do desporto, que se encontra no mercado desde 1990, direccionada para as vertentes de organização de eventos, formação, representações e promoção empresarial.

No âmbito da sua actividade formativa, a Promofitness encontra-se acreditada pela Direcção Geral do Emprego e Relações de Trabalho.

Esta certificação reconhece a qualidade das metodologias utilizadas no processo formativo.

20 anos de reconhecida experiência no mercado!

Os cursos da Promofitness dão acesso à cédula PROCAFD até Setembro de 2011

FRANCE – LRF DanceXtreme – MASTER TRAINER Position Available




– Dance training background and/or dance experience. We require that you have dance training and/or proven experience as a dancer. As this is a dance based fitness program, all rounded dancers will be highly desirable as DanceXtreme® concerns itself with a wide variety of dance styles. Minimum 5 years experience as a dancer OR dance training qualifications[mandatory]
– Teaching and education experience, with minimum 2 years industrial experience as either a fitness educator and/or a dance teacher. [mandatory]
– Solid verbal and written skills, must speak English + French. [mandatory]
– Passionate about dance and fitness. [mandatory]
– Hard worker and reputable within their industry (dance and/or fitness). You must have proven networks and be reputable within your region. [mandatory]
– Ability to work autonomously with a proven business accruement/maturity. [mandatory]
– Is currently working in the industry, either in a dance studio/s and/or registered fitness organisations within the region. [mandatory]
– Outstanding organisational skills, time management and work ethic. [mandatory]
– Sales experience in the dance and fitness industry. It is imperative that you have experience in selling dance and/or fitness products and/or services. [mandatory]
– Group Fitness Trainer experience, ie prior related experience as a trainer in an equivalent program [highly desirable]
– Academic degrees in related field [highly desirable].
– An existing LRF DanceXtreme instructor [highly desirable].
– CERT III in Group Exercise Freestyle and or Cert III or IV Personal Training experience [highly desirable]

This is an exciting opportunity for a reputable professional seeking employment within an international fitness organisation. We offer recognition, skills development and opportunity on an international scale. THIS IS IT – APPLY NOW! (If you wish to apply, please contact us. All completed applications must be submitted before 5pm 26th JUNE 2015).