Quarterly Release Workshops

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NOTE FROM LRF Head Office:Dear LRF® Instructors,

What makes LRF® so unique? I get asked that allot. I always answer as follows: “Its the ongoing training,quality of our products and people, networking, attainable opportunities and the TEAM spirit!”.

We have all undertaken grueling courses, assessments and re-assessments. We have all gone through the hard task of becoming accredited so we all know the sacrifices we have made to achieve our goals. Well, the Quarterlies are our opportunity to enjoy, learn, network and have fun. This is your opportunity to hear what happens behind the scenes at LRF®, also our opportunity to hear from you, what do you think? We want to hear what you have to say.

Also your opportunity to be introduced to some of our new and rising stars. This is also the perfect time to hand out rewards and recognitions to our instructors.

I hope to see you in the next workshop…

Nicco Kuc, Director/Creator


This is a workshop specific for the LRF® instructors/course payees to maintain their ON-LINE access and ensure their currency of their accreditation with LRF®.

Each LRF® Instructor is required to register for a workshop, attending the workshop is optional (however encouraged) but payment is mandatory to ensure your continual access to “myLRF” (online music and choreography).

NB: The workshops will sometimes coincide with courses within your region.

All LRF® instructors are required to attend and pay for 4 workshops per year in any of the venues provided. Rather than simply collect regular payment, LRF® believe in continual development, therefore, we offer an optional workshop with your payment. It is up to you to attend the workshop, however, payment for your ongoing access is mandatory.

Key points:

– Workshops are for all LRF® course payees/instructors.

– Everyone who has attended an LRF® course will have access to online footage via the “myLRF” option. This access is not free and requires regular 3 monthly workshop payment. Regardless if you are accredited, passed or not, if you attended the courses provided by LRF® your online access to myLRF is active for the duration of 3 months. If you wish to maintain your online access to music and choreography, you must attend the workshop and/or process the payment.

– It is likely to be conducted during the regular course Master Class.

– LRF® payees must attend 4 workshops per year to maintain their access to myLRF.

– The workshops are schedule on the following months within your local area. The key months to put in your diary are as follows.



SEPTEMBER (1st week)

NOVEMBER (last week)

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