How To Become An Instructor?

LRF is a global fitness education company and a proud FitnessAustralia registered CEC provider.

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Below is a step by step guide to give you the information you need to understand what is required to become a fully-accredited and recognised LRF instructor. We are here to help you on your journey, no question is too hard or too much for us to answer. We know that you may have many questions, ideas and/or enquiries regarding the world of group fitness. We are here for you, so don’t panic and don’t feel stressed about anything, it is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. So lets get started…

How to become an LRF® Instructor :

Become a completely certified and accredited Group Fitness Exercise Professional with LRF®. On successful completion of the process (see below), you will be able to conduct your own classes in any registered health club venue in Australia and the world. You will become an Internationally recognized Group Fitness Instructor specializing in the program of your choosing. You will also become an accredited LRF® instructor, allowing access to all LRF® fitness releases and material.Register, attend and complete the LRF® courses. Register now or if you still have further questions, feel free to enquire, we want to hear from you.


Complete the Initial Training.

Depending on the LRF course you choose, it will be either a 2 day or 3 day course OR Online. The objective of our courses is to provide you with the tools and knowledge for you to become accredited as an LRF® instructor. This Initial Training course is assessed and you receive a [P]ass certificate on successfully completing this course. The certificate you receive upon successful assessment is recognised by Fitness Australia (15CEC points) and REPs UAE (10CPD points). Click here to start.


Complete the Accreditation.

Next become LRF® (A)credited instructor. To become Accredited you must demonstrate your knowledge of the program and coaching methods with a submitted video. The details and the method of assessment for Accreditation is provided within the manual you receive when you do STEP 1- Initial Training. Upon successfully completing of this assessment, the instructor receives an [A]ccreditation certificate…now you are a fully accredited LRF® instructor.


If you have not done so yet, we highly recommend that you achieve a certificate to teach group exercise through Australian Fitness Academy (CERTII GroupX) or Impact BTS (Level GYM Level 2 and ETM).In order to teach in professional health clubs you will require Step 3 certification, insurance and FirstAid/CPR. LRF endorses and recommends that all LRF instructors pursue an appropriate certification before, during or after their courses with LRF. Please note, it is not mandatory that you do any of these courses in Step 3 before you do an LRF course Step 1/2, however, we do advise that you do so in order to get you the qualifications you require to be a fully certified instructor.

Australian instructors only: AFA_resized

LRF endorses and recommends that all AustralianLRF instructors pursue a Certificate III in Fitness and Group Fitness with our partner organization: “Australian Fitness Academy”. Please click below to find out more.

UAE/UK instructors only: logo with tagline

LRF endorses and recommends that all UAE/UK LRF instructors pursue a Gym Level 2 and ETM certificate with “Impact BTS”. Please click below to find out more.

How to become an LRF® Trainer

As a trainer you are enabled to organize and execute training courses as scheduled and rostered by LRF® Master Trainer and/or Program Director. This level requires all potential candidates to have at least 24 months experience in running LRF® fitness class or special circumstances. LRF® Head Office will release job opportunities including Master Trainer and Presenter roles.

  1. Apply for Master Trainer auditions
    1. Audition
    2. Interview
  2. Attend the 2 day Master Trainer Course
    1. LRF® MT Course (P)
    2. LRF® MT mentoring program

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LRF®Convention Presenter :

A presenter is the highest accolade provided by LRF®. A presenter is a highly experienced and seasoned LRF® fitness instructor that can show case and represent LRF® formats on video footage and at fitness conventions world-wide. The LRF® Presenter has proven to possess the values, technique, experience and skills necessary to represent LRF® on the world stage.

  1. Apply for Presenter:
    1. Audition
    2. Interview
  2. Attend the 2 day Presenter Course
    1. LRF® Presenter Course (P)
    2. LRF® Presenter mentoring program

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