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LRF Master Trainer Nicole has a training option for all fitness levels and all budgets. Nicole has put together the basic starter plans using the most effective exercises that everyone can get initial results with. Depending on your training experience or your time schedule you can choose from 3, 4, 5 or 6 days per week. Please be realistic with your choice and consider the time you have. You can always step things up as you make progress – Nicole doesn’t want you to burn out, overdo it and fall off the wagon!

An example for beginners would be to select the 3 or 4 days per week program and basic nutrition. Start slowly, give your body a chance to adapt to the training and give your body sufficient time to recover whilst making healthy changes to your eating habits. After 12 weeks your body will need more of a challenge – this is when you can look at extra training days or perhaps a customized package to progress to the next level. You must change your training package if you want to continue to see results as your body gets used to doing the same exercise routine over and over – it becomes the new ‘normal’ and this is where many find they hit a wall and plateau.

If you are intermediate to advanced with more experience under your belt and more time up your sleeve you may decide that 4 to 6 days of training is ideal for you. A customized or advanced package is a great option if you already have a good training base and are looking for a challenge and some serious results.

Custom training and nutrition is where Nicole will coach you as an individual with no generic programming in sight – this is the stuff that Nicole loves, as custom programming for the individual is an opportunity to get to know you better and get down to the nitty-gritty of what will work best for YOU!

Custom advanced 12 week packages include ‘blocks’ of training, either 3 x 4 weeks or 4 x 3 weeks. Each block is a stepping stone to the next as you make progress. Adaptation to each block is necessary to move forward.

If you require guidance on which package might be best for you please email Nicole and she will help set you on the right path. Once you have chosen your package you will receive an email from Nicole confirming your payment and subscription.

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For all packages:
Nicole will email you a pre-exercise questionnaire and medical clearance/waiver to complete.You will then receive your chosen training plan for those subscribing to the basic starter.You will also receive instructions on how to track your progress using weight, measurements and ‘before’ photos. An instructional video will be available on the LRF website (you will receive login details) to show you how.

Also available online will be fact sheets on things like training, nutrition, supplementation, sleep, recovery, hydration and detoxing to name a few.

Training and nutrition videos describing how to perform an exercise correctly, set up a machine and how to prepare weigh and store meals will be available on the LRF website. You can login on the LRF website to view these.

Book a basic package here.

For custom programs:Nicole will personally be in touch within 48 hours to arrange a meeting either via Skype, phone or in person depending on your location.

Nicole will then write your program and email it through to you with instructions. If you need further assistance, simply get in touch with Nicole via email, Skype, WhatApp, on the phone (depending on your timezone/location.

Prior to the commencement of each new block, measurements and photos you will have taken will be assessed and taken in to consideration when updating your programs. Follow-ups prior to each new block will be via Skype/in person.

If you have chosen to include custom nutrition planning Nicole will discuss the plan with you and teach you how to track your daily and weekly calories and macros.

Book a custom package here.

For competition preparation:

You will receive in addition to all of the above, guides and advice on posing and stage presentation, tanning, makeup, hair, choosing a bikini and assistance from my contacts and providers of these services. You will also receive a final week plan leading in to the show as well as checklist for the day and a personal schedule for food pre and post stage, pumping up/what to do backstage leading up to the time you are due to appear on stage. You will also receive assistance with reversing your diet so you don’t blow out and gain unwanted weight post competition that sadly is very common. You want to maintain the physique you worked so hard to achieve and keep a lean mean off-season body!

Conditions apply to be accepted as a client for competition preparation. Competition preparation is quite the journey and not necessarily always suitable for everyone. Nicole will chat with you about your ambitions to compete and together will determine whether you are ready to commence a competition prep – the goal of competing must be realistic with regards to your current condition and time available to commit to such a challenge.
You will need to meet certain criteria eg: already be at a certain level of body fat, have a good level of fitness and training experience to successfully handle the training schedule. If you are not quite ready to begin a 12 week prep for competition healthily and realistically, options can be discussed for longer preparation periods. Please note that 12 weeks is the minimum time acceptable to properly prepare for the stage.



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