About Us

“Core to LRF is training and education.” – Nicco Kuc, founder of LRF.

Our mission:

Our mission is to develop the very best group fitness instructors in the fitness industry and become the market leaders within this highly rewarding industry.

Whatever your program delivery, we will provide you the coaching and instruction you need on your journey to becoming the best you can be. Our training and education does not stop at the end of the course, our continually growing body of knowledge, networking, mentoring programs and quarterly seminars will assist you on that journey. It is LRF’s mission to ensure you are not alone and have continual access to mentors, industrial leaders and knowledge.

One class at a time, we will provide you the backing to see you through your growth and development within this amazingly rewarding industry. LRF is not just a training organisation, our mission is to develop a “one-stop-shop” for all group fitness instructors seeking information, knowledge, experience, material and advise.

“LRF develops instructors to deliver a genuine emotional journey in each and every class, inspiring participants to become better, fitter and happier. A class doesn’t end at the ‘hour’, it lasts many hours and days after. It is this connection that will ensure your classes grow, shine and touch participants at the most fundamental level…the human emotion!” – Nicco Kuc, founder of LRF

Our Vision:

LRF is a growing organisation. We started from humble beginnings simply by asking the question, “…why not!?

Yes, the plunge was taken at this very point in 2009 with basic questions; Why not…

  • …bring it all together?
  • …release a program that provides a higher level of cardio workout and choreography?
  • …challenge the group fitness instructors seeking further development?
  • …have an organisation that has the capacity and capability to provide on-going development.
  • …become a leader within the niche fitness market?

LRF’s vision is to answer and deliver upon all of the above questions. We believe that through ongoing mentoring, solid education and coaching, we can develop more than a training organisation, rather, LRF can develop an Institution for the Specialisation and Development of an ELITE group fitness instructor.

“Our vision is to transform the group fitness industry by removing monotony and encouraging individuality, all while maintaining the highest level of standards and retaining the basic pillars of fitness instruction.”, Nicco Kuc, founder of LRF.



Nicco Kuc is a highly experienced and accomplished dance performer and fitness professional. With over 23years relevant experience, he is a dynamic and charismatic International Fitness presenter (he has presented overseas in Europe, Asia and the USA).

Nicco started his career as a dancer and an enthusiastic martial artist. His dancing career commenced at a very young age, starting with ice-skating and then progressing towards ballroom latin, later jazz and street hip-hop. His first big performance was at the age of 10 at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics, “…from then on it just rocketed beyond my wildest dreams…” – Nicco.

After his training at the Sydney Dance Company, Nicco has been dancing in multiple shows, stage productions and theatres in Australia and all over the world. Overall, he has many stage performance (dance/hosting) hours of experience:

“…now that I think about it, if you count my regular gigs, which there was always 2 per week, along with 10 major productions, over a period of 12-17 years at different intensities…yeah, its insane, but I still feel like a school boy when I jump up there, I always get nervous.” – Nicco.

His, martial arts background (Karate, Kung Fu and Kenpo), lead him to seek a way to blend his dancing skills with Martial arts.

“So, I used to go to dance rehearsals for the shows during the weekend, train martial arts twice per week and also teach group fitness classes to keep my fitness razor sharp. What a crazy life, I wouldn’t change a thing” – Nicco.

This lead Nicco on the long and illustrious group fitness journey, that lasted more than a decade. Nicco’s calm and very approachable manner has allowed him to be the perfect blend of ‘teacher’ and ‘performer’. Moving from Martial Arts group fitness and into his other expertise, dancing, the balance between dance performing and group fitness swung around in favour of dance fitness. Nicco became more and more involved in dance based group fitness, thus, the journey to what is now known as DanceXtreme® and KombatXtreme® commenced.

Nicco has a long history of instructing group fitness classes across many locations and in many different health clubs. Some of which are a number of prestigious health clubs in Australia, in which he was also a Group Fitness Manager (example, GoodLife Armadale/Digley, Fitness First SouthYarra, Recreation Burwood East).

Currently, Nicco manages LRF® Head Office and conducts presentations and is the International Master Trainer for DanceXtreme® and KombatXtreme®. He is also conducting courses and lecturing Fitness Australia recognized Freestyle and Pre-choreography Group Fitness Exercise courses.

Nicco is a Group Fitness lecturer providing training and assessments for group fitness professionals and the founder of Australia’s own dance/martial arts group fitness programs, LRF®.

Nicco is the Program Director for DanceXtreme®, KombatXtreme®. His energy, experience and passion for group fitness shows in every class and has inspired many new instructors.


Stelios is currently one of the world’s leading step and dance aerobic presenters. He is well known not only for his unique classes, presentation and teaching skills but also for his natural charisma to bring positive energy with him.

The last two years (2011-2012) he has presented his masterclasses and workshops at conventions in many European and Asian countries like Greece, Poland, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Israel, Turkey, Thailand and more. He has also worked as mastertrainer and director of GroupX for various fitness organizations. In 2011 he was also chosen to be presenter for Move Ya!, the world’s biggest fitness music company and his first cd “Dance Sensation – Stelios Kon” was released!

The superb quality of his work as presenter and teacher, is a result of his continuous work, training and research in aerobics/fitness/dance field combined with related studies, as he holds: – Degree in Physical Education and Sports Science, expertized in Health, Fitness & Sports Medicine. – Advanced diploma in Modern Dance from Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing with grade of “Distinction”.



“The LRF story…how did it all begin?…”

It started in Melbourne, Australia. Nicco Kuc, has been a dancer for 23 years, training and performing in a number of dance companies in Australia and internationally. It has been the inspiration of dance that has pushed Nicco to perform, work hard and audition for multiple shows. Fitness has always been an important underpinning for Nicco. “To be able to perform in most shows, you need the endurance on stage but also behind stage. Rehearsing for 8-9 hours per day for a month can be grueling and tough. You have no choice but to be physically fit and sharp.” – Nicco

“The dance industry is a “cut-throat” industry. You can be a star one day and a back-up dancer tomorrow. It’s that quick.”- Nicco. The fitness industry is very similar, however, Nicco found it to be more rewarding as you are contributing directly to people’s wellbeing and happiness. Nicco re-invited himself within the fitness industry predominantly doing standard and conventional aerobic classes and then moving onto the global arena as an International Fitness Presenter. During his experiences in Australia and Internationally, Nicco found a niche within the fitness industry for an extreme form of fitness by combining conventional aerobics, combat and dancing, resulting in the creation of two “flag ship” class format’s KombatXtreme and DanceXtreme.

“What the fitness industry needed was a change. It needed a hybrid system of fitness provided by elite and highly qualified fitness instructors. Other programs shy away from choreography challenges, I say, bring-it-on! An experienced and well trained instructor can instruct and coach everyone and anyone to dance and move at their own level in perfect harmony with music.”

“A good excuse is poison to a great achievement!” – Nicco Kuc, founder or LRF. – LRF founder, Nicco Kuc.


NAME:      Tracey Hodson

REGION:   Australia







Tracey is one of the original DanceXtreme instructors from Melbourne.
Personally mentored by the program creator himself, Tracey has spent over 2 years not only perfecting her craft, but sharing her passion and love for DX with clubs and dance enthusiasts around Melbourne.

With a lifetime of experience in various styles of dance and aerobics, Tracey brings an enthusiastic, unstoppable approach to sharing our exciting program with Australia. She confidently mentors and supports new instructors while encouraging them to spread their wings and fly the DX flag.

“When I came across this program, I knew I had to be part of it. I felt that this was going to be the beginning of something really special. I was there with front row seats as the program was born, and I still carry the same excitement now as I did then watching it unfold.”

Tracey has showcased DanceXtreme in Melbourne at numerous events. She presented alongside some of Melbourne’s finest dance teachers and choreographers, at The National Australian Dance Expo, and was also a part of the Melbourne leg of the global touring charity event ‘I Frikken Love To Dance’.

Tracey is a key contributor to multiple aspects of the LRF brand. Her work includes, but is not limited to, graphic design, marketing material and advertising, and merchandise design and production. She is also the creator of the world wide instructors’ newsletter which aims to bring all instructors together in a new network. With everything she does, Tracey is helping to evolve the flavour of DanceXtreme and the LRF brand.

Tracey is thrilled to be representing DX and is excited by the opportunity to train more aspiring and talented instructors with our “one of a kind” training methods. She can’t wait to continue carrying this program to reach new heights and create new dreams!

NAME:      Liad Levin & Riki Man

REGION:   Israel, Cyprus and Turkey

Riki& Liad-afar















Wingate Aerobics instructor graduate with 10 years of experience in the field of fitness, Liad is an accomplished instructor of many formats such as; indoor cycling, pilates, fitball, drums alive, core and DanceXtreme. Liad’s classes are based on her signature zest for life using the following ingredients; energy, challenge and light fun. Uncompromising professionalism is her motto with an ever lasting hunger to learn, innovate and help others. Liad’s objective in all her classes is to serve the class with her mind and body experience that will make them coming back for more…

“Dancing is my passion and I have an extensive background in this field. I have been dancing ever since I was five years old. A graduate of Dance Company, salsa dancer, jazz and more.” – Liad

Liad is a partner of a sporting events company, married with three beautiful children.


Riki has a multitude of related professions and experiences, with over 20 years experience in dance and fitness, she is a highly experienced and accomplished fitness professional. As with Liad, Riki is also a graduate of the esteemed Wingate school of fitness.

Riki is a world wide experienced professional dancer who has received many accolades and rewards (such as the “Ehud Ben-David” scholarships, three times!). She has experience in choreography and has show cased her experience in shows such as the “Wonderful Country” that has achieved highest rating on Israel’s television for four seasons.

Riki has many accomplishments and achievements; For example, judge and dancer for Gymnastrada; Director of Dance Studio DNA Place; Dancing with the Stars; organized first Israel Cheerleading group and many more).