LRF is now the IDEA International Representative

LRF is proud to announce our affiliation with IDEA Fitness Convention. We are now the official International Representatives for the annual international fitness convention.

IDEAWorld_intlbadge_finalAs such we wish to announce that LRF students and members shall receive a significant discount on their 2016 IDEA World Fitness Convention. To register please send your enquire here (subject heading: “IDEA2016_with_LRF” and we will respond with your coupon.

What will you learn at the convention?

…so so so much! Here is a very small snippet. For further information, let us email you the BROCHURE. Remember to enquire here.

Succeed With Small- Group Training

Small-group training is here to stay. Learn how to build, lead and grow a safe, successful and lucrative program.

• How to Maximize Revenue From Small- Group Training

• Cuing, Coaching and Communicating With Small Groups

• Ramp Up Your Group Training Business With the Functional Movement ScreenTM (FMS)

• GAME-i cation of Small-Group Training Programs

Enhance success with Nutrition Education

Acquaint yourself with new science and methods for integrating nutrition education into your training sessions and classes.

• Get the Most Out of Your 60 Minutes—Nutrition Strategies for Before, During and After Exercise

• Toward Progressive Client Care—Where Fitness, Nutrition and Medicine Intersect

• Protein Overload: Are You Eating More Than You Need?

• The Art of Nutrition and Health Coaching: How to Change Lives and Your Business

• The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail

Target New Markets

There is no one-size- ts-all client. These sessions will give you a broader foundation of expertise that will help you serve more people.

• Functional Power Training for Older Clients

• 10 Simple Youth Fitness Assessment Solutions

• Solutions for Training Postpregnancy Clients

• Help Your Overweight Clients—Be a Part of the Solution!

Maximize Revenue and Profits

Learn how to employ attention-getting marketing strategies, perform online training, implement new programs to drive membership and build community, and much more.

• Build a Stronger Business and Life in 12 Months— Work Smarter, Not Harder!

• Package and Sell Your Fitness Expertise Online • Strategize Your Social Media With Six Steps to Success

• Your Guide to Opening a Pro table Facility

• Fit Biz 101: Flex Your Marketing Muscle to Grow, Retain and Succeed

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