“Welcome to the dance fitness education program made by dancers for dance fitness instructors”.

Direct from Australia and now the world!

DanceXtreme® is an electrifying and wild dance fitness class and education program designed for group fitness instructors who want to challenge their participants and themselves. The education program and the class  combines versatile rhythms (such as hip-hop, house, latin, latest pop music, musicals and more) with high energetic movement and amazing dance routines. It is a “stopless” format that flows from rhythm to rhythm building up routines into a “super cool” dance choreography that will “make the hair on the back of your neck stand up”. This program will develop your coordination, increase your cardio and better your skills as a dancer and instructor, even if you didn’t start out as one. Each track is instructed by our multi-talented and certified LRF® instructors who will ensure originality of movement, clear instruction, safety and coaching. The workout is a super high-calorie burner for your whole body. You will walk out of the class feeling the positive effects of a challenging, high quality and energetic dance fitness workout, welcome to DanceXtreme.



– “Hear the RHYTHM, Feel the HEAT, Get the BURN!” – LRF, Nicco Kuc


Step is not just “step” when you do StepX®. This is a class that will truly blow your mind away. This is unlike any step class you have undertaken. The easy of choreography delivery will ensure you move – on and – around the step with ease, safety and using incredible routines that will truly impress. This classes will ensure you burn plenty of calories while giving you a sense of achievement, both physically and mentally. The overall workout is amazing and will ensure you come back for more. This program comes with a warning: “…addictive.””Step to HIGHER LIMITS with StepX®


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KombatXtreme® is a “fully sick” combat fitness class. Kick and punch while you lose yourself in the sensation of music and movement. If you want simple moves combined with a combat flava using fighting styles such as boxing, karate, capoeira and kick-boxing, look no further. “Imagine, a fighting scenario with 4 attackers all around you, 360 degrees. You perform an insane 128 beat kata choreography using genuine movement and fighting technique. This is what its all about!” – Nicco Kuc.THIS IS A MUST DO CLASS for a seriously different cardio workout. You will leave each class buzzing from kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing, all while enjoying the adrenalin pumping music and awesome fighting choreography.”INSANITY has a new name – KombatXtreme®, super cool!”

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